Serving Central Virginia from Chesterfield to Charlottesville for twenty-
five plus years, Dalton Painting, Inc. has shown itself to provide quality,
efficient and swift work second to none. For this cause, in most parts of
Louisa, Lake Anna and southern Spotsylvania, Dalton Painting has gained
forty seven percent of all contracted residential painting and staining.

When it comes to probably your largest investment – your home or
business- you want do all you can to protect their value and keep them
looking their absolute best, another reason for considering Dalton

*We are experienced in residential, commercial and industrial

* At the helm, Clinton Dalton has been a state certified journeyman
      since 1982.

*We are reliable, possibly our greatest asset from the testimonies of
      our customers. Barring an Act of God or death, if we say we will
      be there on a certain day and at a certain time, we are there
      even if the work was scheduled months in advance.

*We are licensed and fully insured.

Satisfied customers, after twenty plus years in this area, drive our
business. This makes our marketing plans quite simple. Our commercial
and residential work speaks for itself. Please note our portfolio, a small
segment of our work in Central Virginia.

A-Painter-For-A-Day – This is a service that was instituted not
many years ago. You, as well as myself, have heard business owners say,
“No job too small!” The truth is, in America, a legitimate business cannot
truthfully make that claim. There are simply too many costs in place that
make that claim prohibitive. You may have a wall, some trim or even a
small room that needs painting where it is not financially advantageous
to hire a ‘painting company’. In these cases I have men who are willing to
work by themselves ‘on the side’ and will gladly do those small jobs that
would normally cost ‘an arm and a leg’. They are still insured, etc. but do
not carry the unnecessary cost of a total business.

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"We are here to serve."
Clinton Dalton
Dalton Painting, Inc.